Cross-Team Huddle

QOTD (optional)

It's optional, but I like to kick the meeting off with something from @EthicsInBricks and Programming Wisdom.

Workstream Review (5m)

For each workstream, identify whether it is On track, Off track, On Hold, Blocked, or Done. Resist the temptation for commentary: none is necessary, there is no judgement.

Status Legend

On track: proceeding as expected; "expected" is not necessarily "fast". Off track: proceeding, but not as expected; at risk of not meeting our goals. Equivalent to "at risk".

On Hold: not proceeding, as expected; some decision has been made to prioritize other work, etc. Blocked: not proceeding, and not expected, due to circumstances outside our direct control.

Done: As done as it is going to be, maintenance & bug fixes not included. Any new work will likely be a new initiative/effort.

Workstream Prior Status Current Status
Workstream 1 On On
Workstream 2 Done? Done!
Workstream 3 Off Blocked
Workstream 4 On Hold On
Workstream 5 On Done!

Missing Workstreams

Are there any workstreams that should be in progress, per the roadmap, but are not listed above? If so, we should add them, then mark them as Off track.

New Ideas & Decisions (5m)

Do you have an idea to propose? Write An Idea Document. Have you made an architectural/technical decision? Write An ADR. Have you made an organizational/process decision? Write a Decision Document.


Customer & Team Headlines (5m)

Do we have any customer and/or team headlines? Do we have any intentions to radiate?


To-Do List Review (5m)

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Identify, Discuss, Solve (10m)

For every issue, copy & paste the following template:

Prompt Answer
A: Who is raising the issue?  
B: Who is accountable for solving the issue?  
1-sentence issue description, as stated by A to B  

Conclude (5m)

  1. Recap the To-Do list.

  2. Are there are messages that need broadcast outside this group? If so, to whom, and who is going to do it?